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Moving furniture in and out of houses, apartments or buildings, especially older properties, presents challenges; in areas where there are many older properties, furniture movers may be adept at removing and reinstalling sash window panes. Most double bed bases can be split, folded or dismantled. Pianos are a particular problem; removals contractors will usually have specialist piano trolleys and there is a device colloquially known as a shoe which is strapped to the side of a grand piano to allow it to be rested on edge on the trolley without damaging the polish or applying excessive force to the sides of the instrument.

Summer Storage: some locations especially near the coast can be affected by the humidity factor. In these locations simply make sure items are not plastic wrapped or if they are ensure air has access as plastic can hold humidity behind. There have been cases where damaged items due to plastic wrapping have been damaged beyond repair. Temperature controlled self storage units for furniture in the summer time are a rare requirement but can be arrange.

Storage London

Winter Storage:Winter brings below Zero degree temperatures and these temperatures can affect many items that are common in a home or if you do not store using a temperature controlled unit you will need to take precautions. If you have antiques or high end furniture where glues in the furniture can dry out by all means store your goods in a temperature controlled warehouse. Computers (just the CPU) should be stored in temperature controlled areas but as it is rather small could easily be taken with you avoiding the extra expense or heated storage. Electrical items such as Fridges stove components tvs etc usually are totally uneffected by cold providing when the goods are delviered into the house they are not plugged in right away and are allowed to climatise. Cleaning your plastic outdoor furniture before putting it away for the winter is important so you get all the stains off and they are clean. Make sure items are not plugged in for 3 hours after they are delivered to the furniture storage London facility.

Furniture storage points:

  • Do not store any flammables, corrosives or explosives with your furniture storage London. These include matches, solvents, aerosol cans and especially propane tanks or fire extinguishers. It could void your storage insurance as these types of items are banned under the dangerous goods act.
  • Don’t store any flour or cereal products and if at all possible absolutely no food along with your storage furniture. These type of items attract bugs mice etc.
  • We suggest the use of mattress bags so that no dust or odors get into your mattresses. There are also disposable moving pads to protect your wood items better if you have your own storage.
  • Arrange storage furniture insurance. Goods are usually stored at your own risk as the storage companies can not verify every item in storage.
  • Ask for a inventory (listing of all articles) before loading items onto truck so that you have independent proof of items being stored for insurance purposes

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