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In recent years, the self storage market has grown considerably within the UK, now considered one of the largest and most established in Europe, Self Storage Association in UK anticipates the market to grow with a compound annual growth rate of 10%-15% going forward. In the United Kingdom and Europe, the majority of self storage customers are residential. House movers probably account for 50 percent of the entire market and outside London and major European cities, “the lifestyle” customer is pretty much nonexistent. If half of the self storage UK marketplace is those moving from home to home, it’s scary to think people are getting nervous about over-inflated property values. []

Self Storage London offers both personal and business users a storage solution that they can fundamentally control themselves. As with more traditional storage methods, the cheapest self storage allows you to rent storage space where you can keep goods and belongings in specialist and standard facilities depending on your desire. In the past, people indeed of moving and storing have had to rely upon removal companies and large storage organizations to store on our behalf and have had to play by their rules with limited access, no flexibility, long-term contracts and high charges. With the advent of self-storage, we’ve been given a lot more choice. It’s Do It Yourself storage.

Storage London

As you consider Self Storage London services, you are probably like most customers. You are concerned with durability, efficiency in space, maintenance costs and security. All storage facilities understands these concerns and has the system for you. Self storage London units are made with a variety of finishes including lightweight cold-formed steel, wood, and vinyle [] is a self storage company with facilities in London. They have unbeatable storage rates, starting at just £6.90/week, price is fixed for 5 years, Where others may tempt you with short-term ‘deals’, offers low fixed rates guaranteed for 5 years, genuine free collection for 6 months or more, guaranteed morning-only collection, from 7am. They’ll collect free of charge from anywhere in London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Oxfordshire.

Smaller containers loaded and sealed before your very eyes. “We bring the smaller 10 & 35 sq ft storage units to your property; load your valuables; and security-seal the units in your presence”. For customers using 160 and 320 sq ft units, goods are loaded onto a truck, and transferred to your secure unit on arrival at their Safe Keeping facility. self storage facilities offer state-of-the-art security: Red Care alarms, electrified fence and CCTV; Swipe card access, personal photo-identity entry, on-site security personnel. “Even we they offer budget storage, our security is top class.”

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